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Welcome to  BusStopFM.com        A Flea Market in a Bus Garage - Station  "Antiques"...."Collectibles"....."Flea market"....."Snack Bar"..... 1-"Bid Board Monthly Auctions"...   PlusTwo More Monthly Auctions.....610-767-8400    Rates-Rules  

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08/22/2018 02:39 PM

Hello Everyone,...

The old Keystone Lamp Factory has been sold and the Bus Stop Flea Market is no more.

However, The Antique section is still in place under a new name...

We all made a lot of great new friends and I hope you all still visit the new place.
Thank you to all of those who have visited and supported us
and we wish the New Owners and Management well















The Bus Stop Flea Market...

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Approved Payments


Abandoned Space or Merchandise

Not Permitted to be sold


PA Sales Tax License

Fees and Fines


Flea Market Policies

Ready to open

Food Service

Special Restrictions

Knives and Swords


   Vendor Liability            

Flea Market Business Office Hours  7 days, 9-5
Market open to the public
9 -5  Friday, Saturday and  Sunday

Vendor set up times,
Thursday 12:00 Noon to 4PM
8:00 AM to 9:00 AM on open days
Other days or times by appointment only
Move out time is 4:15-5:00 pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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Space Size

10’x10’ -

  $15.00 per Day 


  $45.00 per Weekend


$120.00 per Month  


      "Rates subject to seasonal change without notice"

Power  -

 $10.00 per month Extra  


 Tables available for rent


 Lighted Jewelry Display cases available for rent
 Ask front Desk or office for details

Flea Market Policies                                                                               Back to top of page
(Posted on Wall outside Flea Market Office)

A Flea market is a space rental organization, meaning we rent spaces in our warehouse for an income. As in any landlord tenant relationship the rentals must be paid on punctual bases. We cannot afford to have late space rentals.


All space rentals are required to be paid in advance
All reservations are required to be paid in advance for all spaces rented.
Monthly discounts are only allowed if paid on time in advance..
All rentals are final, once made. No refunds or credits.

Spaces rented on a monthly basis must be paid by the last Sunday of the previous month in order to reserve space for the next month.
We only reserve spaces by the month. No weekend reservations.

 Anyone not paid by the due date will lose their space. You will be asked to vacate the premises immediately without notice.
Frame and enclosure will become the property of Bus Stop Flea Market & Crafts.
Any items or material abandoned will become the property of Flea Market and disposed of.

Permanent merchants are required to build and decorate their own spaces.
However plans must be approved by management. We do have a contractor available if needed.
All merchandise and materials are the property of the merchant and removable at lease end except for anything attached to the building. This must be pre-approved before and after attachment to the building.


Ready to OPEN,                                                                                               Back to top of page
All merchants must be ready to open at Market hours published at front entrance.
Their space must be manned at all times and continued to be open during entire market hours.
Space sitters are allowed but must be pre-approved by management and no one has complained from lack of service.
Your space areas must be kept neat and clean at all times.
Keep isles open and stay behind your lines at all times
DO NOT cover your space before closing time.

Box and trash removal is the responsibility of the Merchant.
All trash is to be removed each evening and disposed of at the Merchants expense.
Packing materials (boxes, paper, etc.) are not allowed to be put into Flea market trash cans or Factory Dumpsters. 
There will be a $15.00 fine if you dispose of your trash in Flea market Trash can or dumpster.

No Loud music or radio.

Vendor messages, unless it is an emergency, Flea Market Office cannot be burdened with personal or Business calls or messages related to a vendor.

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All merchants and their employees are required to sign a Hold Harmless Agreement with Market.

Merchants are required to carry their own Sales Tax License and insurance.

Refunds/returns and exchanges are the sole responsibility of the merchant.
However the Merchants return policy must be visibly posted at all times.

Merchants cannot under any circumstance sublet a space.
Merchants are responsible for all required licenses, permits and fees needed to conduct their business properly and legally.

No alcoholic beverages what so ever may be sold or consumed on premises.

PA Sales Tax                                                                                    Back to top of page
Merchants operating for more than 3 weekends are required by PA law to file a copy of their
Pennsylvania Sales Tax License Numbers with the Flea Market office.  
This Vendors sales tax certificate must be displayed in your space

Merchants are solely responsible for filling their Quarterly Pennsylvania Sales tax


Special Restrictions                                                                         Back to top of page

Knives and Swords,

Knives with exposed sharp edges
Must be in a closed display case or covered. They can only be out in public use when Vendor is present.
NO one under the age of 18 will be allowed to hold or examine a Knife unless parent or Guardian is present .

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Must be securely attached to a display of some type.
They cannot be easily picked up.

Vendor will be held totally responsible for any accidents or liabilities associated with the selling or displaying of said Knives and Swords.

NOT PERMITTED to be sold                                                                           Back to top of page
Counterfeit or Illegal goods, Animals, Alcohol, Illegal drugs or related items, Pornography, Hazardous Chemicals,
Firearms, Ammunition, Flammables or Fireworks, No items that could be considered insensitive or disrespectful of others.


Fees and Fines
                                                                                             Back to top of page
$10.00 per day fee if not paid in full while occupying a space during market hours.

$10.00 per day fee for a covered or abandoned space during open market hours.
$40.00 fee on each returned checks.
$15.00 fine if you dispose of your trash in Flea market, trash can or dumpster.
$15.00 fine for moving during open market hours without Management approval
$50.00 Fee for packing and moving of abandoned items
$50.00 Fee per week for storage
$50.00 per week Storage fee payable on Monday in advance for the following week.
$  2.00 or 5% minimum fee charged on all Credit Card transactions to Market

Abandoned Space or Merchandise                                                                        Back to top of page
If a merchant forces us to store merchandise from lack of payment of space rental.
The space will be considered  abandoned and will be cleaned out at Vendors Cost.
If the packing and storage fees have not been paid within 7 days the items will be disposed of
and the owner will have no recourse to recover items..
The fees are as follows:
$50.00 for packing and moving
$50.00 per week Storage fee payable on Monday in advance for the following week.

Approved Payments                                                                                    Back to top of page
All merchants must pay cash unless checks have been pre approved.

Check must clear (3days) before vendor can move in
If a merchant returns a check they will have to pay cash until checks are approved again.
$40.00 fee on each returned checks.

Credit Card Fees

$2.00 or 5% minimum fee charged on all Credit Card transactions to Market

Temporary week end Renters                                                                              Back to top of page
1-3 day Flea Market renters pay CASH ONLY, NO CHECKS.

CONDUCT                                                                                                              Back to top of page

Merchant and their employees shall, at all times, conduct themselves in a professional manner.
No profanity, shouting or lewd remarks will be tolerated at any time.
Deliberately irritating or harassing another vendor will not be tolerated.

Blocking isles or bringing your display out of your area will not be permitted without management approval.
Blocking part or partial entrance via friends or obstacles to another vendor’s space will not be tolerated.

All disputes between merchants and customers or between other merchants are required to be handled in a professional, quiet and calm manner. 
If a dispute cannot be resolved, Flea Market management must be notified immediately to resolve the matter.

If a loud dispute erupts between two Merchants or a customer all parties may be required to leave the premises immediately and Police will be called.

Shirts and shoes required.

No pets (except service dogs) allowed in market.

No alcoholic beverages what so ever may be sold or consumed on premises.

Theft                                                                                                                 Back to top of page
We take every precaution with surveillance equipment and on premise 24 HR security to keep your items safe.
However, Bus Stop Flea Market is not responsible for lost or stolen items. 
Anyone caught stealing will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Food Service
                          Back to top of page
No food service of any type is allowed without prior approval from Flea Market management.
At that time you will be asked to produce documentation to verify you have met all PA laws governing this food service. You are not permitted to sell drinks or small consumables or any item that could interfere with
the income of the approved food services or snack bar .

Thank you for your support
Bus Stop Flea Market

Flea Market Hours
9-5  Friday, Saturday, Sunday,
Floor Mgr


Office hours, 9-5 Mon-Friday

Sam - General Manager
Janice -Office Mgr,
Steve - Operations Mgr.

We are always Looking for ideas to improve our market and  we welcome your input ..
Ask for Sam, Charlette, Janice or Steve





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