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08/22/2018 02:39 PM

Hello Everyone,...

The old Keystone Lamp Factory has been sold and the Bus Stop Flea Market is no more.

However, The Antique section is still in place under a new name...

We all made a lot of great new friends and I hope you all still visit the new place.
Thank you to all of those who have visited and supported us
and we wish the New Owners and Management well

















We are sorry,
" The Raceway will be  closed until further notice "

Bus Stop Raceway

The famous 8 Lane Blue King 155' competition track,
.not for the light at heart..

And the for the younger ones,
The 7 Lane  Tri-Oval track ,

Lot of high speed fun without all the leaving the track crashes
For more information call..610-767-8000
The Tri-Oval ...
under repair on this image

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Cars Ready to Run or you can build your own,....

Chassis parts

Parma Controllers, parts

Resistors and other parts

Pinions, Guides, Motors, Tires etc...


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Now running...

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